Customised Finishes

Specially finished fixings for your label – exactly to size, with bespoke print and slogan!

For Your Bespoke Requirement

We will accompany you from planning to implementation. Alongside our standard range we produce holders and displays for your digital price labels to suit your requirements.


The search for a solution begins with your enquiry. In the first phase, the creative process, we use the knowhow of our staff to find the best possible and most economical solution for your requirements.


Next, product sketches are drawn to visualise the ideas. These form the basis for technical work. With the help of virtual models of the product all necessary processes can be identified.


The next step is prototyping. The item is produced in a 3D printer. At this stage the final look can be appraised. These prototypes are also used for product control so that amendments and corrections can be made quickly.

Production Run

After approval is given, the corresponding tools are created and the item is produced.